My name is Simon Leonard Cutts and I compose and produce music for Film, TV, Library and Classical Ensembles. I am also a very competent and experienced Orchestrator, Transcriber and Arranger, having written over 80 works for Orchestra, Choir, Big Band and many other ensembles. I’ve also worked along side several directors which developed into lasting relationships and have also worked on many other creative collaborations.

In 2019 I finished a three year long degree at Leeds College of Music studying BA Film Music under the tuition of Brian Morrell, graduating with a First Class Honours. Whilst there I achieved the Conservatoire Prize for BA Music (Film) for achieving the highest grade on the course. In 2016 I was commissioned to write my string trio which was performed at Otley Courthouse in 2019. Also in 2018 I was commissioned to write the 15 minute long Sinfonietta to be performed on April 5th the following year and since have been asked to write smaller works for solo instruments and small ensembles.

I started composing at the age of 12 on small pieces of manuscript paper, after years of frustration of having songs and melodies stuck inside my head. Very quickly, I moved to scoring softwares and became inspired by great composers such as Thomas Bergersen, Hans Zimmer, James Horner and Koji Kondo. Through trial and error, I spent most of my free time composing larger and larger works, learning more about what I can do, and what I can't do.

At 16 I became classically trained in composition. I fell in love with Chopin, Shostakovich, Grieg, Saint-Saens; and dreamed of writing music that stood up to theirs. It is here where I procured ABRSM Grade 8 in Piano and Theory and started my most ambitious projects ever, a Symphony and my prized possession, my Reqiuem.

At 18 I arrived at Leeds College of Music and my musical language, methods and soundscapes dramatically changed. I was introduced into a world of DAWs, samples, new harmonies and new ways of writing. With my pre-existing palette of inspiration, I studied film scores and searched how to combine all of my musical influences together. Here I started my world instrument collection (which currently boasts contrasting 13 instruments and rising) and learned more about the music of our planet.

I am currently working on a concept library album which acts as an extension of Oriental City, which has allowed me to experiment more with world music. I’m also scoring a new film, Warlock, and have been commissioned to write solo works for Cor Anglais and Piano.


After learning conducting at university and having a proficient understanding of the orchestra, I am very confident at conducting most ensembles. After previously conducting many chamber ensembles (largest of which consisted of 10 musicians) I have dreamt of conducting various works such as Shostakovich’s piano concertos and Sibelius’ symphonies. I would want to share my own interpretation of these pieces to the world. Additionally, I consider it important as no one else could communicate my music to live musicians better than myself.


I have gained studio and production experience over the years. I have recorded many musicians in order to add live recordings to my compositions to make them less sample based. In addition, I have created my own samples at home using bottles, my world instrument collection and various household objects. These samples will help give my music a unique sound amongst live recordings of players and third party sample libraries. Finally, I have mixed and mastered all of my music and am no stranger to using various mixing techniques to fine tune music.

Musical Directing

Over the years I have musically directed various pantomimes for amateur dramatics company around Manchester. This involved me working with a chorus of up to 25 people and various leading cast members, who demonstrated a variety of musical understandings. I was in charge of teaching them the music, teaching appropriate warm ups prior to rehearsals and shows, working closely with choreographers and choosing appropriate songs. Additionally, I had to get a band together and also acted as the rehearsal pianist in all musical rehearsals.